Look around you; etched onto the faces of your teammates at FLOAT you’ll see determination. Excitement. Grit. This isn’t just research and development tucked away in a lab. This is boundary-pushing co-creation with our customers.

Some of the people here come from a naval and maritime background. Some from aerospace. They’ll all tell you that their work makes an impact. That the technology they develop is unparalleled. They’ll say that it will change the maritime industry for good; that they’re inspired, encouraged and pushed by their colleagues. Day in. Day out.

FLOAT provides all the intellectual and creative challenges you’d expect from a start-up. The innovative culture. The never-say-die attitude.

And the backing of a global parent company.

So, what does that mean for you?

You enjoy the experience of working in a start-up, minus the worry of job security.

Backed by the CEO of Lloyds Register, this digital venture is powered outside of corporate life. There are genuine opportunities to take risks. To challenge the project and operate on a daring level not associated with big business.

In addition, Lloyd’s Register is backing a collection of digital ventures and it opens further opportunities for your career. We’re on a fast track to create a range of digital products.

So, if you want to advance your career upwards? Why not?

Keen to sink your teeth into more technical challenges? You got it.

Either way, you’ll be part of a team that keeps innovating.

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Working with emerging technology and developing a unique new product is fantastic and exhilarating. But the opportunity to revolutionise how our industry operates, make it safer and reduce risk to human life – that is something else

Vaibhav Parsoya, Director of FLOAT


Product Owner – the product guru 

Working in a fast-paced Agile environment you’ll unite the development team behind a cohesive vision. You’ll champion the customer and ensure the product meets their commercial needs. Most important? You’ll be hungry to push the boundaries of science and technology alongside a world-class team.


Technologist – the engineering wizard

As a qualified and skilled engineer, a big challenge won’t scare you. We’re talking big data. Big computing. And huge waves in a traditional industry. You’ll be part of an elite team developing software, the like of which doesn’t yet exist. An Agile environment ensures you’ll see progress often and – most importantly – deliver continuous value for customers.


Software Developer – the software ninjaneer 

You’ll work in an Agile and fast-paced team. Collaboration is key. Alongside your teammates you’ll interpret customer needs and create solutions. More important than that? You’ll test, fail, learn and do it all again. You don’t understand the word ‘can’t’; solving problems is at the heart of the role and you excel at finding solutions.


QA Engineer – the product jedi

You’ll thrive in the fast pace of an Agile environment. Your expertise means you test software as vigorously as our elite team builds it. Collaboration is key and you’ll communicate with stakeholders often to understand and deliver quality-assured software. We push boundaries, create significant value for customers. As QA Engineer, you make sure of it.

Join the team and create
the future, today.